What to Know Before Hiring Android App Developers

Mobile app market today has grown rapidly ad one of the biggest platforms for business promotion with a massive universal audience that is increasing each year. Statistics reveal that Android and iPhone market combined dominates 98% of the smartphone market with Android on the upper hand.

Owing to the universal presence of android app development market, it tends to claim a successful business marketing platform that every business can venture. With the large client base, android app market has become very competitive. You to earn a recognized stand in the android app market, you should counter the challenge of selecting the right android service provider. You need to know the following things.

Technical expertise and knowledge


For customized Android applications, expert knowledge in coding is necessary hence developers you hire need to have profound technical expertise with coding. The company you select is also expected to have a good requirement-specific knowledge. This may be judged by asking questions concerning the type of requirements they have worked on before and asking them to give you flow charts serving your requirements. The answers to such question will aid in giving an insight of the expertise that the android app developer has.

Portfolio and experience

Every app developer will have an expressive portfolio as well as some case studies of clients served previously. Going through such portfolio and case studies can help you judge the technical expertise of an app developing company. You also need to know the experience of a given company. This implies the number of years they have been in the business. Also, ask the provider any for client referrals where you can get important feedback about solutions provided.

Target timeline and budget

Another deal breaker or maker criterion is the budget you plan to invest in for your app development. Before you decide the targeted timeline and budget for your android app, you should study various parameters that affect the cost of the application development and the time requirements for customization. According to these, you will be able to select the preferred option of the service provider to meet the timeline and budget targets.

App’s revenue generation model

Before you select a developer, you need to discuss with them the revenue generation strategy of the app. Whether your app will feature a paid download option or earn from pop-up and in-purchase ads. Based on the requirements the developer can add technical back-end support to the revenue generation model. With this, the app can be directed smartly to gain direct gain and lead with high business conversation rate.

Functionality and features of the app

functionalityThis is an important point that you need to work on. You should think of the possibilities you app might boast along and discuss the functionality and features parameters of your app with the preferred app service provider. This is vital and will help the developer you hire to make the functionality more business-oriented to meet your expectations.